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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you want to know more about Aupair World and how it works? In most cases you will find an answer right here. Simply click through this list of frequently asked questions (FAQ). For more specific questions (pocket money, working hours, travel costs, etc.) please look under Au Pair ABC.

What is an Au Pair

An au pair is a young person between 18 and 30 years who becomes a temporary member of your family. Usually, it's a young girl (90 percent) but more and more often, young boys are taking the opportunity to improve their language skills and get acquainted with a new culture.  

In exchange for free board and lodging, a private room and pocket money  (in the western European countries between 200 and 280 Euros per month (140 and 170 pounds), the au pair will take care of your children and help with light housework including vaccuming, dusting, preparing the table for meal times and emptying the dishwasher. The costs for flight and language courses are usually paid by the au pair. The term au pair is French which means on equal terms.


What is Aupair World?

Aupair World is one of the most popular Au Pair Job Databases on the internet.  As one of the first au pair job databases we have been online since 1999. More than 70.000 au pairs and families have successfully used our services during the past 5 years. 

Is Aupair World an Au Pair Agency?

No. Aupair World is not an au pair agency. It's one of the most popular au pair job databases on the world wide web. You can use Aupair World to find a caring au pair or a kind host family and make all the necessary arrangements without using an agency. By doing everything yourself, you can save a vast amount of money. We are here to help you in any way we can.

Do I need to contact an Au Pair Agency?

No. In most countries neither the au pair nor the host family has to make use of an agency. The only exception is the USA. To become a legal au pair in the USA you need to have a J1-Visa. You can only apply for a J1-Visa if you go through one of the twelve federally designated au pair agencies.

Why should I register as Au Pair or Family?

In order to contact any au pair or family on this web site, you must first register as a Family or Au Pair. We will create your personal profile with the information you provide during the registration. Every au pair or family who searches on Aupair World will be able to view your profile. Without a profile, it wouldn't be possible for others to know more about you or contact you.

How to find an Au Pair or a Family?

We will show you how to use the 'Au Pair Search' and the 'Family Search'. Both search tools will help you in your search for a caring au pair or the perfect family. You will also learn about the EasyFind - Aupair World's easy-to-use au pair and family matching service.

How to register as an Au Pair or a Family?

Registration with Aupair World is easy and free! Read more about why you should register with Aupair World either as Au Pair or Family.

Do both - Au Pair and Family - have to be Premium Members in order to be able to contact each other directly?

No. It's sufficient if either the family or the au pair is a Premium Member.

Can I contact an Au Pair or a Family directly without being a Premium Member?

Yes. You just have to wait until a family or an au pair who has already become a Premium Member contacts you directly. Then you can make all other arangements directly with this au pair of family. A note for families: Most families are premium members (and only few au pairs) so we recommend that you become a Premium Member, too.

Do I have to become a Premium Member?

No. You don't have to become a Premium Member. You can use Aupair World without being a Premium Member.

How can I find my own profile?

Example for Families

1) Please log in
    and start your search right away. The families are listed in the
    order of their last login.

2) Click on "Find a Family"
    because you need to see the situation from the au pairs' point of

  • I live in: Please select one of the countries where the au pair should come from (as indicated in your profile)
  • I am: female/male (depending on what you have selected in your profile)
  • I would like to be an au pair in: Select the country where you live.

Example for Au Pairs

1) Please log in
    and start your search right away. The au pairs are listed in the
    order of their last login.

2) Click on "Find an Au Pair"
because you need to see the situation from the families' point of

  • We live in: Select the country where you would like to become an au pair.
  • We are looking for an: au pair girl/au pair boy
  • We are looking for an au pair from: Select the country where you live

More Questions? You havn't found what you've been looking for?

Simply drop us a line. Send your questions via email to support@aupair or use the 'Comments' box available on almost every page. We'll try to answer every serious question within 48 hours (while the record is 2 minutes). Test us. We are here to assist you.